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Miracles In Progress was founded in 1998 by John Freifeld, to help alcoholics and addicts recover from their condition, and become constructive members of our society. In 1999, Miracles In Progress expanded its scope and mission to also assist the families of alcoholics and addicts by providing them with a variety of resources, information and support.

Miracles In Progress was originally established on the Internet and catered to the needs of alcoholics and addicts all over the United States. We do this by helping them locate and get placement in treatment programs in their local communities. Developing a network of resources for this endeavor has been rewarding and many who at one time were suffering alcoholics or addicts have become vital members of Miracles In Progress, who are assisting others as they themselves were helped.

In 2005 Miracles In Progress is undertaking another project that will improve the success of its scope and mission. In Wilmington, North Carolina, the home community of our founder, we opened a recovery house to provide the alcoholic and addict in early recovery a supportive living environment. This one was located at 141 Hinton Street and was the phase I house.

The Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery House at 141 Hinton Street as a supportive living environment for up to eight people at a time. Each house member is required to attend 12 Step meetings, remain free of alcohol and/or drugs, work, and pay an equal portion of the house bills. They will be given direction and counsel as to financial responsibility, living skills, work ethics, and several other areas.

As the demand was so great for housing, Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery Homes were inspired to open another location for men in 2006.  This location was 413 Strada Ave also in Wilmington North Carolina.  This location can house up to ten people at one time.  This soon became the phase II house.  Phase II is the location where you need to graduate to from the phase I location.  This means that the client has a sponsor,  can verify that he is working the steps with his sponsor,  has full time employment, attending 12 Step meetings, compliant with rules and guidelines, and is still remaining free from alcohol and/or drugs.

Treatment facilities across the area requested that we open a facility for women, thus the location of 2704 Oleander Ave Wilmington North Carolina was opened in 2008.  It was able to cater to seven women.  This location was eventually changed to a mens facility due to the high demand for mens housing and lower demand for women. 

Due to the sale of the property of 141 Hinton Ave in 2009, we closed our original location and are now focusing on the two locations of 413 Strada Ave and 2704 Oleander Ave. both of which are in Wilmington North Carolina.  Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery Homes is dedicated to our clients well being.  Bringing families back together while changing lives one day at at time.

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