~Miracles In Progress~

Aftercare Recovery Homes

Wilmington, North Carolina



~Oleander House~


Provides transitional housing
 to alcoholics and addicts in the early stages of recovery



~Strada House~

~Intake Process~

     1. All Residents Must Remain drug clean and alcohol free.
     2. Submit to random alcohol and drug testing.
     3. Attend 6  12 Step meetings each week at 8 pm. (5 meetings during the week and one in house meeting on Weds. Sundays optional)
     4. Conduct themselves in a way that is conducive to a group living environment based in recovery concepts.
     5. Work full time or diligently seek employment 8 hours a day, 6 days per week. That means, out of the house at 9AM to look for work.
     6. Maintain a clean living environment.
     7. Attend all house resident scheduled meetings ( Weds 8PM mandatory house meeting and 1 floating house meeting).
     8. Adhere to all house curfews and policies.
     9. Participate in house recreation activities.
     10. Pay rent amount in full and on time each week.

~If you can agree to the above, then lets get the process started!~

Step 1. Speak to your counselor and check on your discharge date from the treatment facility.

Step 2. View our House Guideline Sheet, read it with your counselor if at a treatment facility.  This is a printable sheet.

Step 3. Click on the video link and turn your speakers on.  This will give you an overview of the facilities and the area of North Carolina that you will living in.

Step 4. Call for an over the phone interview 910-620-4554.  The interview will take approx 15 minutes.  Please be in a counselors office to have some privacy to speak about your mental, physical and emotional health.

Step 5. Upon acceptance on the over the phone interview, consent will be needed to your treatment facility to fax your mental health assessment to us for your arrival.  This will provide us the medication list you are on, No narcotic Medications accepted. We cannot accept any form of Methadone. Also, follow up appointments with New Hanover County Mental Health will be set at this time from your counselor through Southeastern Mental Health Assoc.

Step 6. Entry cost is  $195.00 ($95.00 for the week and $100.00 non refundable entry fee.)  Then $95.00 every week afterwards.  (Some family members will pay for a few weeks to help you get started.  This is allowed however you will not depend upon their finances.)  Upon acceptance, we will hold your bed for your arrival.  Please note:  we will only hold a bed for a very short period of time, therefore entry is needed immediately. We prefer that funds of $195.00, are transmitted via Money Gram in Wal-Mart. You can also mail your $195.00 ahead of time or money in hand on arrival. If funds are not here upon your arrival, you will needs prior approval through John at 910-620-4554.

Step 7. We permit you to bring your own TV, twin bedding (but it is supplied), bike, Legal car with Legal drivers license,  personal photos, personal items to make it home, food items, laundry items (some clients have allergies), cell phone, lap top (wireless connection is available).  All items of value is brought at your own risk.

Step 8. Please arrange for transportation to Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery Homes via car, Greyhound Bus Lines, or Airline.  Exact arrival time is needed and mode of transportation for pick up at specified location.  Upon arrival on Greyhound, you must have at least $0.50 for the pick up phone call.  (Bus schedules are always being changed there fore we need a call on arrival for us to pick you up).  If arriving by Air. arrivals are more dependable and you still need the $0.50 for call. If arriving by car, you need physical directions due to two locations for housing.

Step 9. You MUST arrive clean and sober.  NO STOPPING FOR A DRINK OR DRUG before entering. You may be tested upon arrival.  If you arrive under the influence you will NOT be admitted into our facility.

Step 10.  Have a SAFE TRIP and see you when you arrive.  You are now a part of the Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery Homes Family!