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Miracles In Progress Aftercare
Wilmington, North Carolina

Provides transitional, halfway house, 12 step recovery environment for clean and sober living..

Wilmington, North Carolina

We do together what we could never do alone... Recover!

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(but sad reality)

 A man goes to the doctor with two severely burned ears.  "How in the world did this happen?" the doctor asked.  The man said, "Well doc, I must confess, I likes to drink a few when I get home from work.  Last night I came home from work and had my usual few drinks, and was sitting on the sofa having another.  My wife wanted to talk to me and iron at the same time so she set up the ironing board next to the sofa.  Well doc, the phone rang and without thinking I picked up the hot iron instead of the phone and pressed it against my ear."
"That explains the one ear," the doctor said, "but what happened to the other one?"
"The damn fool called back!" the man said.



MIP Aftercare Recovery Halfway House is a structured 12 step recovery, halfway house environment with two residential facilities in Wilmington, NC for men who want to recover from alcoholism or addiction. 

We provide supportive group housing for up to 18 recovering alcoholics and/or addicts in the early stages of their recovery.  The average length of stay is six (6) months, however this is determined by the individuals needs.  Some stay a shorter period of time, others stay a longer period of time.  People are referred to us by family, treatment programs, detox centers, hospitals, and a variety of other agencies.

The goal of Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery House is to assist addicts and alcoholics in achieving long term recovery.  Miracles In Progress will assist each resident in identifying and removing barriers that stand to prevent them from obtaining lasting recovery.  Our objective is to enhance the quality of a persons recovery foundation.  Obtaining a strong support network of friends in recovery, a 12 step sponsor, obtaining adequate employment, good physical health and stable mental health is vital to the success of a persons recovery efforts. 

Residents are required to attend AA or NA meetings 5 nights per week, and an in-house resident meeting once per week.  In house meetings address the various issues related to the struggles faced by recovering alcoholics and addicts in the early stages of their recovery process.  This meeting is often facilitated with the help of professionals specializing in mental health, alcohol/drug abuse, and social service agencies.  A persons first 48-72 hours of residency is devoted to acclimating them to the house, it's members, the Wilmington, N.C. recovery community and the local community agencies and resources.

Cost of Residency

Entry Cost are; 100.00 non refundable entry fee/deposit with 95.00 for first weeks rent, (total move in cost - 195.00) then 95.00 per week thereafter.  This is a mere 13.50 per day, which covers housing, all utilities - including high speed internet, cable television, and house phone with free long distance within the US.  Food items are not included.  We will however, provide transportation to local food pantries as needed, and social services so a resident can apply for food assistance.  Rent is to be paid on a weekly basis, each Friday, unless other arrangements have been made between the resident and the Director.  Those who are on a disability income are required to pay their rent cost by the month (380.00), since they only obtain one check per month.  The 100.00 entry fee/deposit is waived for those who pay the 380.00 per month, instead of paying by the week.  Each resident is also required to pay 5.00 every two weeks, (10.00 per month) towards general house supplies, such as toilet paper, cleaning products, laundry detergent, etc.

Intake Process

Recovering persons, or those interested in entering the 12 Step recovery process, are required to undergo a telephone intake pre-screen with the founder/director of Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery House.  Upon determining the qualifying factors for residency in the Miracles In Progress Aftercare Recovery Program, a intake application must be filled out and a second intake interview is conducted.  During this stage of the intake process the applicant will review the Miracles In Progress Recovery House Guidelines of Conduct, and sign them acknowledging have read, understand and agree to adhere to them as a condition of their acceptance for admission.

Upon acceptance into the MIP Recovery House, the applicant must take up residency in our program immediately.  We are in a field of high demand and low resources, therefore we cannot place any beds on hold after a person has been accepted into our program.  Should the applicant not be able to take up residency at the time of acceptance, or pay for the slot while being on hold, the slot will remain open to those with a greater need of immediate housing. Those coming to us from treatment programs, detox centers, or the like, are given a 72 hour grace period for arrival, so all appropriate discharge procedures can be followed by that agencies staff.  We do ask that all those in such facilities come directly to us without any lay-over time or delay, so the transition process can begin without any interruption.

To be considered for residency in a MIP Aftercare Recovery House,  please read the Guidelines and Policy page at http://mip.12stepforums.net/guidelines.html and then call 910-620-4554 for an over-the-phone intake interview.

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No one has to stay in a state of hopelessness due to alcoholism or drug addiction...



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House Resident Testimonies

"Treatment Programs wanted $20,000 to help me for 21 days, I got all the help I needed for $13.50 a day at Miracles In Progress.  I graduated from MIP with a year of continuous recovery." Tom H.


"This recovery environment is the best.  I have been to others over the years, but it is here that I finally got what I needed to  recover." Dean M.


"My family sent me to MIP when all else had failed.  They now wish they did it at the very beginning of their efforts to help me.  This six months has made all the difference in the world."  M.


"MIP celebrates a residents one year anniversary with a limo ride to pick up a their recovery medallion.  I never felt so good about myself as I did on this day" Daryl B.


"Everyone had given up. Family and friends had shut their doors to me. The judicial system opened their doors to me and all hope was lost.  After a suicide attempt I was referred to MIP by a hospital.  Today I have 15 months clean and sober, have reunited with my family, work full time and live on my own."  MIP made all of this possible for what many thought of as a lost cause."  Bob D.


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